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A thriving Black Country recycling specialist is targeting a record year after developing a new solution for disposing of time expired x-ray films for the medical sector.

Recycled UK, has created bespoke vision imaging software that could save NHS Healthcare Trusts hundreds of thousands of pounds every year.

The technology, which has been developed with an industry leading professional, can set specific parameters to filter the files to ensure only the right ones are extracted and securely destroyed.

It also takes a digital image of the label, including patient ID, so the Trusts not only receive an electronic record but one that can be searched for in EXEL to help with recovery of information.

All work is carried out in compliance with hospital information governance and medical record policy and the first trial orders have already been successfully completed.

Recycled UK believe the initial marketplace could be worth more than £1m per annum, with each NHS Trust faced with disposal of thousands of time expired x-ray films.

Paul Green, Managing Director of Recycled UK, explained:

“This is a massive opportunity for both businesses and one that we have invested nearly £100,000 on so far, predominantly in creating unique software and ensuring the right processes are in place.

“Currently, x-ray films take up valuable space and can be expensive to retrieve even before disposal, with some NHS Trusts paying monthly storage fees as well.”

He continued: “What we are offering is the opportunity to take all of the hassle out of the situation. We’ll collect the files, filter using the vision imaging software, securely dispose of them and then provide a certificate of destruction and an electronic record.

“Better still, there’s absolute no cost and the Trusts even get a rebate from the silver we extract from the X-ray files.”

Recycled UK are also turning their attention to other sectors that may require this service, including veterinary, dentistry and industrial.

Paul Cotton, Production Director picked up the story:

“So far, every Trust that has trialed it has been delighted with the time savings, the speed of the process and the peace of mind that files will be disposed of securely and an electronic record kept on a database. The fact they actually use it as a revenue stream is another major plus, especially when budgets for the NHS are being squeezed.”

Diversification into X-ray files is part of an ambitious growth plan for Recycled UK, which has seen it secure a £2.5m turnover this year.

The company is a fully licensed and authorised waste management service, specialising in the recycling of all hard plastics, cardboard and film.

Investment in two picking lines, an automated baler and an extension to its Cannon Business Park factory in Coseley to 50,000 sq ft has taken place in the last twelve months.

This gives the firm the capacity to process 100 tonnes a week, with a further 150 tonnes of material not commercially suitable for the UK shipped overseas.

Paul concluded: “We’ve taken 12 new people on in the last two years and expect more employment opportunities to follow once the vision imaging software is fully up and running.

“It’s an exciting time to be involved in the business and great for the Black Country that we are delivering innovative recycling solutions to clients all over the world.”

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